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Name: clarissa cuellar
Age: 29

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Location: texas
Country: United States of America

Status: Single and looking
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Unknown.
Religion: catholic

Body Type: Fuller Figure

Drink?: I don't drink
Smoke?: I don't like people smoking
Drugs?: I don't use drugs

About Me

hey, im as funny as can be and im silly and also a froot loop :D a.k.a stupid lol i love to make new friends and i like to have fun and laugh. im not like most gurls i dont get mad easily and i dont get jealous easily. and i highly dislike liers. thats pretty much it if you dont like me then oh well i didnt lose a big part of my life if you hate me, just stfu :D; and try not to be some1 your not when your around me. i hate people who say they cant do anything, and cheaters NEVER prosper only losers and winers but never cheat.

Other Information

Music: any kind :D

TV: i dont watch alot of it

Interests: making new friends

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