Random Free Online Games http://www.lategames.com Play all the games you want and add them to your MySpace! Wed, 24 Apr 2019 02:00:32 +0000 en Angry Birds Go Crazy Collect eggs as an Angry Bird and use accumulated points to jump cross challenging platforms. http://www.lategames.com/play/angry-birds-go-crazy Coolio Beat 2 Sequel rhythm game similar to Guitar Hero and Harmonix. Start rocking and follow the beat of 8 new songs and try to improve your rank. http://www.lategames.com/play/coolio-beat-2 Slap the Nerd Help the cool kids get ahead in class. Slap the nerds so that they can't answer all the questions. http://www.lategames.com/play/slap-the-nerd Missile Maze Maneuver a missile through various levels of maze and try to reach the exit without colliding with the obstacles. http://www.lategames.com/play/missile-maze Mario Plumbers 2 Two Super Mario Plumbers are better than one. Jump on gold coins and squash the monsters in each level. http://www.lategames.com/play/mario-plumbers-2 Dodge 2 Again you must avoid the black squares with the red arrow. The red arrow is twice as red! The black bars have double powers! Test your games skills friend! http://www.lategames.com/play/dodge-2 Bowser World Destroyer Stomp on and destroy Mario World characters as the giant Bowser. http://www.lategames.com/play/bowser-world-destroyer Fix my Bike Kawasaki Ninja Test your mechanical skills and replace the parts of this ninja bike in the fastest time possible. http://www.lategames.com/play/fix-my-bike-kawasaki-ninja Cave Escape 2 Help avoid the falling rocks and escape out using his newly acquired powers. http://www.lategames.com/play/cave-escape-2 Super Mario Strikers Bounce the soccer ball on Mario's Noggin and hit the Character Icons for Points! http://www.lategames.com/play/super-mario-strikers